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پهلوان بانو فرانک دوانلو Faranak Davanloo

بانو فرانک دوانلو


در اینجا به معرفی بانو فرانک دوانلو شاهنامه شناس و پژوهشگر فرهنگ و ادبیات ایران می پردازیم، ایشان در دهم آبان 94 ماه به علت ایست قلبی درگذشت. در زمان حیات ایشان طی صحبت حضوری که با ایشان داشتم قرار بر ترجمه پیشگفتار کتاب " راهنمای نمودار شاهنامه فردوسی در دوره پیشدادیان و کیانیان" شد . برای ارج نهادن به تلاش های این بانوی بزرگ ایرانزمین قسمت ترجمه پیشگفتار کتاب فوق به زبان انگلیسی به همراه معرفی ایشان و سخنانی کوتاه از این بانوی فرهیخته در بخش اغازین مصاحبه با افراد موفق و موثر در ایران می پردازم.

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Faranak Davanloo was a well-know scholar as well as a Shahnameh and Iranian history and culture researcher. She was born in May 15 1971 in Tehran. There are many books written and authored by her. She spent whole her life in research and writing about Iranian culture and literature. Moreover, part of her life was dedicated to help and also to teach Iranian culture to poor children in her country


Reading and understanding all stories of Iranian Shahnameh is important to every Iranian man and woman


Mrs. Faranak Davanloo


With little studying and thinking in the ancient literature, especially the Shahnameh (the book of kings), we will encounter great ladies that their stories are expressed in special events

Mrs. Faranak Davanloo






Prefatory of a guidance chart of The Shahnama of Ferdowsi (The Book of Kings)a

The Pishdadian and Kianian Era


Artamis publication


The applied value of the Shahnameh Ferdowsi from historical, mythology and Iranian studies ( Iranology ) point of view is not unclear to any Iranian researcher. Legendary and epic stories in the Shahnameh represent customs and manners, beliefs and ideas of ancestors. Therefore, brave heroes of the Shahnameh in their legendary style could represent a symbolic role of an ethnic group, an era and a leader or etc. Furthermore it could be worth carrying out some research on

With an applied and symbolic research on epical heroes of the Shahnameh and considering the ups and downs in life as well, we could be able to realize what was in the poet’s mind. There might be a chance to find out the meaning of this wise legendary masterpiece of the Shahnameh , so we would have been recalling the history with great pride

If king Jamshid, who put up Aryan culture and civilization, would realize black monster and its army’s story, and would not be ungrateful, therefore, divine charisma would not get separated from him. Consequently, the destructive evil shadow would not challenge the Siamakian

If the foreigner admirer army would not seek for an alien king, and they had not liked the aggressive Tazi (an Arab tribe) king, moreover, had not allowed evil to capture their spirit, and had not forgotten the Aryan attribute of Iranian kings

If “Fereydoon” had ruined the last heritage of Zahhak (being married to two women at the same time), Iraj would not have been killed by his brothers’ jealousy, so Iranian would not get involved in a fight for revenge

If Zal the wise old man would realize this meaning truly; his Roustam to deceit trap ; Siavash to Sodaabeh and Garseive’s deception; Frood by Keykavoos’s army; Souhrab by his father and Dara by his brother; all would not have been victimized

If Gashtasb would have perceived Jamshid’s era well enough, he wouldn’t have become selfish and traditionless and thus wouldn’t have sent his son to a long lasting war ending up to his death

In this research, Jool Mool’s Shahnameh and Farhang-e- Shahnameh (Culture in Shahnameh) have been profiled from. This chart, has been drawn to research into every era, and also is designed considering the role of everyone in the Pishdadian and Kianian era. Every king’s life is considered to be an era which has been shown by zero number, and blue (turquoise-colored) is chosen to separate every era. The sizes of these periods are not connected with kings’ reigns, but to the number of heroes of that era, thus it can’t be relied on for precise date and time

People have been shown from number 1 to 63 from beginning to end. The arrangement of names were brought to the order of the Shahnameh’s stories from creation up to the end of the Pishdadian and the Kianian era (Keaumars up to the end of Dara’s era), therefore, it could be known that everyone was born in what period, or in what era they were mentioned. Moreover, people mentioned in the Shahnameh were in the same period with whom, or in what period they were alive but in active. Therefore, we could know about their death, the removal from the book of names or even people who were immortalized. This chart shows the relevance between people and demonstrates their roles in stories. Vertical rows show the coexistence of people, and horizontal rows are not based on this matter

The presence time of everyone in each era was shown by a cadre, while they had an important role that is shown by = , and while they weren’t mentioned that is shown by :::::::. If their death or conclusion is clear the cadre was closed whether we are aware of their conclusion the cadre is left open

At the end of the book a list of names is brought to you in alphabetical order with the row number and the era when people were mentioned, therefore, the place of everyone in chart is easily accessible to.a 

I present this chart to people who like the Shahnameh as a tool for conducting some research on the Shahnameh. Hopefully, there might be a chance to have dear researchers’ opinion for improving it, or inform us of any possible inadequacies


Researcher and Author

Mrs. Faranak Davanloo






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